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Holistic Approach to Nursing Staff Support

Innovation in nursing unleashes value-driving insights leading to improved decision making and problem-solving within environments where information is processed more carefully. Working together can encourage nurses to focus on application and action, not just facts. In establishing care teams, holistic consideration brings together nurses of varied academic backgrounds and professional experiences to improve collective efforts. Educational diversity encourages experienced nurses to function as role models to enhance the practice of novice peers and, while doing so, benefit from opportunities to reflect on distant concepts and status quo ways of practicing to challenge their own personal growth as well. Experience and education go hand-in-hand. When was the last time you reflected on what you're learning? When did you last spend time reflecting on something important to you? Each nurse’s individual creativity is enhanced when various points of view are considered. When we embody and embrace the power of differences in nursing, we are led to unlimited discoveries and richer employee experiences.

Nursing leaders can support educational diversity and holistic staff support by:

  • Prioritizing diversity in hiring

  • Practicing active listening

  • Soliciting feedback

  • Fostering a culture of inclusion

  • Investing in resources that promote opportunities for all to advance

  • Encouraging equity in retention and promotion

  • Consulting with other leaders who have successfully cultivated similar teams

Relationships between nurses are important! Empathy, compassion, and respect build connections with forward movement. With this in mind, we must practice with awareness that nurses of any experience level may struggle with external pressure to minimize their own concerns or reduce their strengths while shying away from asking for or offering help out of fear. Diversifying care teams promotes a broad range of ideas and initiatives to ensure holistic development takes place, ultimately achieving a solid team to grow with and, hopefully, establish longevity. Nursing leaders who promote educational diversity foster environments that acknowledge the individual strengths of each nurse, along with the potential they bring. Remember, listening brings us closer, so we must figure out how to sit down and listen. Valuing one another is ultimately what bonds teams, departments, and our profession—creating thriving workplaces that flourish!

Pause, Reflect, and Plan:

Consider moving away from an ongoing problem-solving mentality and shifting towards a proactive way of thinking. While it is absolutely prudent to ask yourself, "Have I missed any issues?" also look to include,"Have I missed any risk factors that require a closer look?" Incorporating preventative thinking and tackling concerns holistically may prove beneficial when seeking to establish effective staff support plans.

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