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Influence, Integrity, and Meaningful Inclusion in Nursing Education: Pause, Reflect, and Plan

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We would like to take this opportunity to share a webinar titled, "Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Justice and the Future of Nursing Part 2," hosted by the Nursology Theory Collective. We recently connected with this discussion and encourage you to find space to tune in and engage soon, too. While you consider your role, influence, position, and interactions, we suggest that you reflect on a few beginning questions that we put together, especially those that speak to you and your situation most, and also strive to incorporate additional considerations of your own as the prompts we share here are just a start.

Pause, Reflect, and Plan:

How do I establish room for students to safely share their interests and needs?

What does my conduct say about me?

Do I share space with students without demand?

How might my perceptions of students differ from what they are communicating?

What do I usually do when I notice a gap or issue?

What actions do I take to continuously identify limitations to practice and research that are reduced to one culture’s norms?

How do I contribute to the comfort and safety of others?

Have I been modeling expected behaviors?

What does the behavior of others say about them?

How comfortable am I with differences?

What do discrepancies in over- or underrepresented enrollment, especially within advanced coursework, communicate about my academic program?

In what ways does chronic absenteeism influence my approach with students?

Do I share space with others who seem unlike me?

Am I authentically creating interactions built on trust?

How does my personal mission statement align with my program’s mission statement?

Are there safe spaces for students to escape to?

What have I been paying attention to most?

In what ways does my attitude support/inhibit student learning?

How do I feel when acknowledging systemic barriers like racism, poverty, and racist institutional policies?

What do I currently need to feel safe and supported?

How do I address barriers to educational equity?

Does the culture of my institution involve a system that proactively seeks to bring people together across all domains?

We previously connected with part 1 of this webinar a few months back. It can be viewed here.

Thanks for engaging and starting, or building upon, your internal dialogue. Be sure to continue the discussion... #NTCEDI

Nursology Theory Collective. (2020). Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice and the Future of Nursing Theory. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Nursology Theory Collective. (2020). Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Justice and the Future of Nursing Part 2. [Video file]. Retrieved from


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