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Nursing Education Amidst COVID19: Establishing an Organized YOU

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

As communities of learners navigate a collection of new challenges to build upon prior learning during the COVID19 pandemic, the guiding role of the facilitator is evolving. Organizing several interactive learning activities to meet diverse educational needs, such as team debates, simulation practices, and case study reviews, now takes place exclusively online for many. While this situation kicks into gear multiple avenues for growth, it brings along an anxiety to quickly jumpstart online socially-integrated applications. As we already have many blog posts dedicated to distance learning approaches for nursing education, we decided to focus on the periphery in this post. Establishing an organized supported YOU, so that you are strong while facing these new challenges.

The Calm

  • Admit that you feel anxious or worried; confess to yourself your true feelings

  • Visualize yourself calm

  • Establish (or continue to develop!) a meditation routine: transcendental meditation and mindfulness meditation

  • Get sleep, so your body can detoxify, decompress, and rejuvenate. Check out this podcast episode, “Why We Need Sleep, with Dr. Matthew Walker” by Chris Kresser (2019)

The Focused

  • Think your goals through

  • Journal: 1) How do I fit in with this chaotic, achievement-driven society? 2) What am I being asked to develop in myself? 3) What is my attitude towards my current life and work circumstance?

  • Consider how your nutrition (including any deficiencies) may be impacting your anxiety and feed your body’s needs

  • Identify ways to reduce procrastination

  • Clean out the reactive modes of behavior based on old habits

The Organized

  • Time to take action!

  • Write things down

  • Develop a schedule that is practical for you, including deadlines

  • Declutter your surroundings regularly to know where everything you need is

  • Be prepared and in control of your day

  • Meal-plan for the day, so that time is not wasted exploring your food options at each meal during this period of conserved foods

  • Develop a daily rhythm with time for stimulation, along with grounding activity periods

The Challenged

  • Challenge your thoughts

  • Understand that sometimes stress can’t be avoided and risk exists

  • Embrace your situation through play, even if you usually don’t

  • Rid the defensive and protective behavior that closes-off connection

The Supported

  • Create a support system from afar, as community has not ended

  • Meet fear of the unknown and find joy in the process

  • Identify perceived inadequacies and connect with supports that embody strength in those areas

  • Give what you have to support an atmosphere of security for others

Now that you have explored building on your foundation and establishing a plan for readiness, travel on to our many distance learning posts to find techniques, tools, and resources that work for you to face today’s unique nursing education challenges. Remember, some of these suggestions may already be well developed and functioning positively for you. As we say, take with you what you need from this post and leave the rest. We wish you well and look forward to hearing how things are going.

Do you have any other suggestions that would be helpful to readers? Share them with our community!


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