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Getting Organized: Bookmarks

These bookmarks are now available to download from Member Downloads through the Pause, Reflect, and Plan series. For all our fellow bookworms out there, this one's for you! These are also great companions for organizing notes, lecture content, and tasks, especially when some positive motivation may be needed. Print your favorites for you and consider sharing them with a friend or book club too!

Ideas: Laminate, hole punch the top and add a textured tie or bow, cut and paste to heavy paper or cardstock, leave as-is and jot down some notes to self on the back...whatever supports you best.

With the summer quickly approaching, we plan to get in some solid leisure reading, and hope those of you who share in this love have space to explore some new reads too.

Scroll through the new bookmarks below, and then head over to Member Downloads to take a few with you. Enjoy!


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