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Gamification in Nursing Education

Gamification in nursing education increases motivation through engagement. This method of teaching-learning promotes incentive and retention, while progressing towards mastery. Each decision leads to short and long-term objectives where extracurricular interests shine. Through gamification, education is integrated and healthy competition boosts the energy of the group. Resourcefully, games can be presented via a class-wide system of teams or through individual informal learning outside of lecture. While games certainly do not replace pedagogy, they add another layer to the experience to enhance success when the specific skills gained and knowledge developed is the focus. With today’s adult learners more readily interested in being actively involved in socialized learning, gamifying the classroom offers students designed learning experiences. Afterall, taking control of their own development empowers students to foster relationships with learning that drives their spirit of inquiry today, as well as tomorrow.

When designing your gamified learning activities, consider the following:

The goals and expected outcomes should align with the behavioral and cognitive results induced by the gamification strategy. Once organized and understood, they should inspire content that ties back to the module objectives. This learner-centric educational art, integrates diverse personalities, dispositions, and learning styles to the studentship experience.

Ignite note: It is prudent to mention that we are aware of games in the classroom promoting unhealthy relationships with learning, such as when the emphasis is placed on winning points, rather than scoring knowledge. We believe that this happens in poorly designed and executed systems. If you are considering adding this layer of involvement to your education, please be sure to take your planning seriously and consider your construct. The focus must be on the course matter and, of course, on having fun. Our communities of learners have enough unhealthy pressure, so be sure to understand your own desire for implementing this in your classroom, and be sure to steer-clear of anything that will negatively impact your group’s advancement.

Goal- All are involved and incentivized to learn.

What incentivizes participation? The intrinsic drive to learn through engagement.


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