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Eclectic Framework in Nursing Education

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Theoretical and conceptual frameworks can, at times, present barriers to learning and application of material to practice. Sufficient theories may not be available for certain areas of curriculum, thus limiting their use to select topics. As it can be constraining to rely on one framework, eclecticism can help to support multiple areas of curriculum development. Combining components from multiple theories yields innovative curriculum designs.

When borrowing information for curriculum development, it is important to maintain the integrity of meaning from the various theories selected. When information is borrowed, the deliverance may mislead the student with a variation of the intended conceptual meaning. However, attention to avoid this misrepresentation can ensure that the integrity of the concepts is successfully preserved.

Faculty must choose frameworks that promote teaching preferences, while ensuring theories that best support the organization’s mission and philosophy are integrated. Eclectic framework affords faculty the opportunity to select information to apply to curriculum building from multiple theories. Faculty members should all be able to feel supported in their own unique practice as it aligns with the eclectic framework. Agreeing on framework promotes the philosophy of the program and supports the opportunity for each member to express their view of nursing practice while maintaining common values. Designing the educational framework for a nursing program creates the needed structure for knowledge development and clinical application. Faculty can then integrate instructional strategies and learning activities that reflect the program’s mission and philosophy.

Think: Do I feel involved in the framework building of my program? How does my individual teaching-style align with my program’s current framework? Does it seem like my students are getting what they need from our current framework model? Am I inspired? Are my students inspired?


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