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Dear Ignite Readers: The Image of Nursing

Updated: May 25, 2021

Dear Ignite Readers,

We have been immersing ourselves in discussion that revolves around the image of nursing more than usual lately. Though intentional for the purpose of contributing to this timely dialogue, while mindfully back-seating during some of it, we have found that this interchange is spontaneously happening right now and would likely be more difficult to escape than to capture. While not a fresh topic, and certainly not a new focus for our profession, we have found a mighty passion fueling this accurate portrayal dialogue. It is clear that due to the nursing profession’s hunger for an image that is accurately crafted, it must be promptly served. We have been promoting the evolution of our profession, while at the same time working to inform society of our progressing role, for decades.

So, how is it that we want to be portrayed or, better yet, be understood and represented in kind? From what we have observed throughout our careers and mindfully learned through the nursing profession, responses to this question are incredibly diverse. Some taut the importance of viewing nurses as skilled, educated clinicians, and others focus on the gender and racial diversity amongst us with the need for our profession to be viewed as ethnically and culturally diverse as the populations we serve. We have heard how age and multigenerational considerations must be brought into our image and about how caring, compassion, and trust all intertwine with science, mathematics, and ethics.

It is at this point that we can say beyond a doubt that we, at least, are convinced that the image of nursing is and should be represented as varied as nurses are and as distinct as our profession is. You may be asking yourself, “How can that be?” Well, how can that be? Like any group, we are the sum of our parts; the parts that make up our past, our present, and our future. In growing as a profession, we have shown many faces and worn many hats. Right now, the modern nurse that is accurately portrayed carries this evolved image of multiplicity and proficiency. This is nursing today.

We are glad you are here,

Andy and Heather

The Ignite Team


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