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Welcome to Ignite


Hello, we are Andy and Heather!


We are passionate about encouraging community in nursing education and fostering connection, collaboration, and growth amongst nurse educator peers.

Please join us as we encourage YOU,

the professor, nurse manager, hospital-based nurse educator, charge nurse, or whatever awesome nursing leader that you are, to provide the most effective education around!

We are glad you are here,

Andy and Heather

Encouraging community in nursing education.

Through awareness and awakening, we engage in our best work.

Nursing needs the educator you were made to be.

Available in diverse styles,

we come to our profession 

with our own brands of 

creativity to ignite growth. 

Discover the possibilities of your strengths? Sure you can!

Nurse educators are visionaries.

Are you facilitating online, face-to-face, or hybrid learning?

Piece by piece, build up your presence and show your excitement in your work. When you come through the door each day, bring to work your aged patina. No matter where that is for you, your work is your craft.

Nursing Education Statistics

Percentage (rounded) of nursing programs that sought to hire new faculty


Percentage of nursing units that found it somewhat difficult to recruit and hire new nursing faculty


Percentage of associate degree granting institutions


Percentage of full-time tenured nurse educators


Percentage of public nursing schools


National League for Nursing Faculty Census Survey 2019

Top Challenges to Filling Educator Vacancies

Not enough qualified candidates. 34%

Not able to offer competitive salaries. 37%

Faculty jobs less attractive than others. 12%

Not enough budget lines available. 6%


Other difficulties. 11%

National League for Nursing Faculty Census Survey 2019

"The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting" Plutarch

  • Who is Ignite's target audience?
    Nursing professors, nurse managers, hospital-based nurse educators, charge nurses, and other awesome nursing leaders who would benefit from developing their educator strengths.
  • Where can I read Ignite blog posts?
    Ignite users can navigate numerous education posts with ease! 1. Enter the Education Resources tab (our blog) 2. Click on the education topic that interests you 3. View posts relevant to that topic 4. Click on a post you would like to learn more about 5. Share your favorite posts
  • Does Ignite provide resources available for download?
    Yes! Ignite shares downloadable material under the Member Downloads tab! There you will find helpful resources to download and bring with you from class to floor.
  • How can I become a subscriber or member?
    1. Hover over the About tab above 2. Click on "Join" 3. Review your options and select a path that fits best
  • Where can I learn more about contributing to The Ignite Blog as a guest blogger?
    Thank you for your interest in writing for The Ignite Blog! 1. Hover over the Home tab above 2. Click on "Write For Us" 3. Explore what we are looking for in a guest post and how to submit a piece for consideration
  • Does Ignite share open access resources from outside of Ignite?
    Yes! Ignite shares open access resources under the FistBump tab! There you will find support for development outside of Ignite. FistBump at Ignite brings you curated news for nursing education. We hand-picked some of our favorites so you can easily access up-to-date information in one place, saving you time and resources!
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